AJAX Multitransmitter- White

AJAX Multitransmitter- White


MultiTransmitter will inform you instantly if the connected devices have been interrupted with power failure, disconnection of the signal cable, or tampering. Electricity loss at the site will not be a problem either — the backup battery can provide power to devices for up to 4 days. MultiTransmitter body itself is equipped with two tampers that respond to removal of the integration module from the mount and removal of the lid.

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Complete set
MultiTransmitter board
Installation kit
Power cable
User Guide
Replacement and repair during 24 months from the date of sale.

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805 g
196 х 238 х 100 mm
Operating humidity
Up to 75%
Operating temperature range
From -10°С to +40°С
Radio signal range
Up to 2,000 m in the line of sight
Maximum radio signal power
Up to 7.29 mW (25 mW limit)
Operates only with HubHub PlusHub 2Hub 2 Plus and ReX
Radio signal frequency band
868.0–868.6 MHz or 868.7–869.2 MHz, depending on the sales region
Protection against dismantling
Detector power supply
12 V DC, up to 1 A for all detector power supply outputs
Supported battery type
Battery with 4 or 7 A⋅h capacity (not included)
Backup power
12 V DC
Main power supply
110–255 V, 50/60 Hz
Alarm signals processing mode
Pulsed or bistable
Resistance of the EOL resistor
1 kΩ to 7.5 kΩ
Supported detector contact types
NO, NC (without R), EOL (NC with R), EOL (NO with R)
Number of alarm/tamper zones

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18 wired zones for connecting third-party detectors
NO, NC, EOL (NC), EOL (NO) support
Remote set up of connected detectors in the app
12 V / 1 А power supply for connected detectors




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